Your Website is face of your business and an essential fuel for your business. And we know; you can’t lose your identity and you can’t let the fuel go down. Creainno tech keeps your website always renewed, updated and bug free with its best in class website maintenance services.

Do you need IT support and maintenance services for your business? Here is the top end solution for your all business specific IT needs.


Business Continuity

Consistent growth demands the consistent care of the things; so applies for IT. Due to Outdated software services and website interruption you may sustain heavy loss in your business.IT maintenance and support services can be a great contribution to your business success



Technology always keeps changing, so is the nature of IT. Ignoring the changes can make you incompetent for the business steps ahead, whereas periodical hardware upgrades software maintenance and bug free systems can induce an exponential growth and garner competitive.



. Whether it is to maintain your website or upgrade of software, whether it is to support your IT infrastructure or the demand of a comprehensive IT maintenance and support package, Creainnotech is a top-end solution for solution for your business needs.


Creainno Tech Customer Support team is continuously educated and trained to address the needs of your business. We offer the following technical support services:

oS and Server Migration

The experts from Creainno perform well when the servers and operational systems are down. We just drag the problem out by switching the product to another OS or server to make your site hassle-free.   

Third-Party Solution Maintenance

Creainno Tech stresses you out by extending the useful life of 3rd party software without affecting the performance of the software. The efforts from Creainnotech reduce the TOC and come up with better returns on your IT-investments.

Task/Bug Tracking Systems Deployment and Customization

Creainno tech’ experts track the bugs and tasks by its superfast tracking system. Our intelligent tracking system guarantees resolution of your problems regarding processing, reporting, and recognition of tasks.

Software Maintenance and Proactive Support

Our proactive system works uniquely well in identifying hacker attacks, backup needs, and technical issues. By acknowledgement of our proactive system we remind you regarding the same and help you performing well.

Application Improvement

Creainno keeps looking for the ways you can improve your application and stand up to grow more. We analyze the current status of the app, bugs, performance, and functioning and do planning to find out best solution in application improvement. 

Performance/ Availability Monitoring

Monitoring system of creainno keeps your internet product running well by resolving break-down issues. We repeat our words of assurance when it comes to monitoring solutions of the products.



The every minute of every day Customer Support demonstrate actually guarantees your clients, workers, and accomplices will get 1-2-3 Level help at any minute. This alternative is perfect for:

  • Industry pioneers
  • Organizations with mission basic frameworks
  • Worldwide organizations with representatives and clients everywhere throughout the world


We offer customary business hours (10-to-7) IT bolster as it covers the necessities of most organizations, while being to a great degree cost-productive, and pushing our clients to:

  • Continuously make sure to have the perfect measure of administration inside working hours
  • Dispose of IT bolster staffing/sourcing needs


Creainno understands difficulties of customer when it comes to flexibility and cooperation between development and operations.  We build a smoother relationship and overcome the gap between operation and development by giving support services.

  • Co-found Devs and Ops
  • Continuous delivery
  • Consistent change
  • Littler interim to recuperation
  • Cross-functional groups


It’s simple.