Digital Marketing Services

Gone are the days of traditional marketing. Now digital marketing has replaced the old tactics with its unique and advanced methodologies. Digital Marketing Company is an umbrella term which covers SEO Services, SMO, PPC, Content marketing, SMM, Mobile Marketing, and CRO. Every business and services are not away from digital marketing if they want to see themselves growing.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Every business wants to see his website on Google search engine and this is where SEO plays its role. SEO is the tool digital marketer use to gain organic traffic from the Google. SEO is of two types:

On Page SEO

It includes Meta description, headlines, and focus keywords, inbound and outbound links.

Off page SEO

It is about just doing off page work to improve your website’s presence by putting outer links to your sites.

PPC (Pay per click)

Google AdSense allows business to increase their conversion by PPC.  PPC is different from the traditional marketing. The businesses only pay for the conversion if any generated. You can get the report about your advertisement how it is working and what is not working by Google AdSense report.

SMM(social media marketing)

SMM has changed the scenario by attracting readers to turn their customers. Social media is the platform where we find most of the crowd and this makes SMM to work well. SMM helps businesses in branding, promotion and sales.

Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is working well nowadays. Flipkart and amazon are selling their product by affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, a blogger, website or you tuber approaches to ecommerce site and paste affiliate link to publisher’s website or blog. When the visitors click on the link and purchase by that link the publisher get paid for it.